Take a break!

Taking a break from social media has been weighing on my heart heavily the past week or more. I started to think of all the ways I could benefit from boycotting all apps and outlets for a while.

1. I notice myself checking my social media platforms NUMEROUS times throughout the day. The amount of time I spend looking at what is really, for the majority, pointless information I could use that time more productively. I used to LOVE to read before kids and daily living took over. Maybe I’ll pick up a book this week instead of my phone.

2. Too much social media affects your creativity. I have been wanting to blog but everything I thought I wanted to talk about has already been covered, multiple times. But I wouldn’t have known that if I would have stayed off social media. You can’t have a creative thought when thoughts are been given to you freely on the media. I am going to challenge myself this week to write anyways about whatever I choose to because my thoughts and ideas are different from others.

3. Social media is a breeding ground for insecurities. Insecurities in relationships, careers, parenting, lifestyles, etc. You literally log in and can compare your life to everyone else’s instantaneously. Just because Ashley from high school got extensions and lost ten pounds doesn’t make you any less pretty. Just because Mark from the 3rd floor got a promotion doesn’t make you any less successful. Just because Jen from yoga got engaged doesn’t make you any less desirable. Just because Kari from soccer practice monograms everything and only feeds her kids organic snacks doesn’t make you any less of an involved parent. This week I am going to remember how hard I have worked to get to where I am and my path doesn’t have to be the same as other people’s.

4. Mother’s Guilt, which I have already covered in a previous blog, is rampant on social media. I refuse to join any of the “mom groups” on Facebook that are set up for other moms to give each other “advice” on parenting. When, in reality, it’s just a way for some moms to showcase and then criticize the way other moms choose to parent. AND if I see one more mom share a meme or a quote about “my house is dirty because my kids are making memories” or “the housework can wait, they are only small for a little while”, I am going to scream. Yes, all of that may be true, BUT! Do you know how that made a mom feel that HAD to clean that day instead of playing with her toddler? Do you know now she is spending an extra ten minutes beating herself up about washing the dishes and folding the baby’s clothes because of that meme? Do you know that sometimes you have to clean up in order to give your children a safe and healthy place to live?! Rant over. This week I will stay away from any and all media that could make me feel like I am not enough.

5. Statistically speaking, social media is also affecting society’s mental health as a whole. There has been a raise in depression, body issues disorders, and anxiety. There’s many articles online that can showcase my point even better. But, the point I want to make is, social media is shaping our mental health and we are allowing it to. There has been a large number of suicides linked to social media as well. This week I am going to do my brain and body a favor and take a break from social media.

6. There is something to be said for privacy. No ones life is a private anymore. We know anytime someone gets married or divorced, gets pregnant, gets fired, get arrested, buys a house or a new car, etc. We know every move that a lot of people make and all the places that they go. We no longer have anything to talk about at our 10 year high school reunions because we have already seen it all on Facebook or instagram. This week I will remind myself that the pretty cupcake I ate or the cute thing my kid did STILL happened even if I didn’t post it on social media.

7.  We have lost the personal touch of communicating with others. We use memes, tags, and status updates to connect with the outside world now. The Internet itself has taken away a lot of the necessity of human interaction. Why shop in stores or leave the house when Amazon Prime will ship it to you for free?! Because its healthy to. Its healthy to get out and experience life outside of that small touchscreen. The convenience of a text over a phone call is valid, but very impersonal compared to being able to hear someone’s voice. AND when we do force ourselves to have face to face interaction with people, we stay on our phones the entire time. Social media has invaded every aspect of our lives and shaped how we interact with each other. This week I will make it a point to put down my phone during dinner or any other activity I have with the people I care about and want to spend time with.

I really do feel like there are some positives to social media, especially as a way to expand your business, network, or stay in touch with friends/relatives that do not live close by. There has to be some good to the whole idea or we wouldn’t ALL flock to it like sheep. However, it has became too relied upon, too vital, and too central in many of our lives.  And I also want to say that I am guilty of all the fore mentioned things above. Hopefully, this puts a few things into perspective for people.



“The grass isn’t always greener on the other side.”

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Just say no to BORING date nights!

How many times can you and your significant other go to dinner and a movie?

After the honeymoon phase is over and Netflix and pajama pants are the new norm is it so easy to get caught up in the routine of daily living. When you think date night or a kid free night, you go with the old tried and true: dinner and a movie.

I challenge you to think outside the box.

Yes, it will take more effort, more energy, and most likely more time. But the end result will be worth it.

Use date nights as a way to reconnect with your SO. In a life where kids, work, and responsibilities can overshadow time together, it is vital to not put your needs as a couple on the back burner.

Use your resources.

Check out Groupon or LivingSocial and all the new activities they have discounted on their websites. Brush up on what is already offered in your hometown that you have always overlooked before. Fun date nights do not have to break the bank or be extravagant. You can keep it simple without keeping it routine.

Try something fun that neither of y’all have done before.

Just to get you thinking in the right direction. Here are a few ideas:

  • Go to a painting class together.
  • Tour a vineyard.
  • Picnic after a hike.
  • Go to a shooting range.
  • Try a new sport together; golf, tennis, etc.
  • Take a dancing class.
  • Make pottery together.
  • Find a festival.
  • Go on a ghost tour.
  • Take a dinner cruise.
  • Enjoy a couples massage.
  • Get physical: trampoline park, rock wall climbing, or a rope course.
  • Go paddle boating.
  • Take a cooking class.


Push yourself to step outside of your comfort zone. Experience your partner in a new light, and fresh environment.

As important as quiet and intimate nights at home are; living in the moment and being spontaneous has multiple benefits also. Even after years together, you may learn something new about your partner that you didn’t know before! Fun date nights/day dates can add a little much needed and deserved “spark” back into the relationships.

The quote, “Never stop dating your husband/wife”, comes to mind when writing this blog. Relationships that are BOTH successful and long lasting require work. Don’t always take the easy way out when planning time together. Give yourself the permission to put y’alls needs before anything else AT LEAST once a month.



**I am constantly looking for new things to go and do with my SO. So feel free to comment any ideas you may have!**


Happy Travels!



Mother’s Guilt.

I am changing gears a little bit today for this blog.

I want to talk about Mother’s Guilt.

Doctors use words like postpartum, exhaustion,  and hormonal changes. They give you pamphlets and offer advice on how to combat these things. They give you warning signs and reds flags to look for.

But what they don’t tell you about is guilt.

And the reason they don’t is because Mother’s Guilt is illogical and unrealistic. There are no mental health diagnoses for it. There are no medications (besides anxiety meds) to help ease the mental anguish. Mother’s Guilt is something I truly believe that most mothers put on their selves unknowingly. It comes with the job description just in very tiny font at the bottom of the page.

They say fear is illogical. The logical part of your brain knows there are no monsters under the bed or hiding in the closet, it knows you locked the door and checked it twice, and that vampires aren’t real.

Mother’s Guilt is similar to fear.

Mother’s Guilt is feeling bad, unworthy, unloved, or less of a mother for irrational reasons.

Mother’s Guilt is washing the dishes so your child can have his favorite green cup with the robot on the lid and then feeling bad for not spending that extra 25 minutes with him.

Mother’s Guilt is getting off of work and immediately counting the hours and minutes you have left with your child before bedtime and THEN feeling bad for being relieved when you finally lay him down to sleep.

Mother’s Guilt is reading a bed time story, giving 6 hugs, and 13 kisses and feeling bad because you told your child no to “one last kiss” after the 12th “last kiss”.

It is crazy. It is nonsense. We are good moms. We do our part. Our house is livable, the children are fed, warm, and happy. And we beat ourselves up about the smallest detail of the day.  All the stuff we did right that day is overshadowed by the one “mistake” we made.


Stop the self abuse.

It is one thing to be educated and informed but its another to torture yourself. If you are a career mom stay away from the articles with titles like “10 reasons why you should stay at home with your kids”. For my stay at home moms don’t waste time reading about how your child is missing out by staying at home with you. Don’t do it to yourself. Don’t become part of these mom groups on Facebook disguised to be a helpful community of moms sharing information and experiences but in reality are aimed at mom-shaming.

Mommas, you know what I am talkin’ about. You post one picture of your child with a Kit-Kat bar and all of a sudden every other mom in the world is a specialist on nutrition.

Honey, please.

Don’t compare yourself to other mom’s. Every mom parents different. And in a world where different equals wrong, you are going to be met with opposition.

One concept that I have learned in my field of work is that children are so resilient. They deal with changes and roll with the punches way better than most adults can do. That extra 15 minutes you had to work over doesn’t phase your child and that one time you raised your voice at your child did not scar him for life.

Hear me when I say there is a huge difference between a bad mom and a mom that has had a bad day.

The simple fact that you care enough to feel guilty, makes you a good mom.

We will be laying in our beds at night thinking about that 15 extra minutes and that verbal scolding till we fall asleep. All the while, our child has already moved on and is enjoying an episode of Paw Patrol.

I can cook sloppy joes for my child, the easiest dish in the world to make, feel bad that I didn’t make a more well rounded meal. And you know what? Without fail, he will look at me and tell me “you do the best cookin’ momma”.

I wish I had the magic words to end Mother’s Guilt for all the moms. But I don’t.

Some tips I have picked up along the way would be: 

  • As I said before, be smart and read helpful articles, but stay away from blogs written for the sole purpose of mom-shaming or articles written to divide mother’s into categories.
  • Don’t compare your parenting choices to others. As parents we have the overwhelming task of making life shaping decisions for other humans. That in itself can cause stress. Once you feel secure about your decision for your child, don’t go looking for trouble by asking people what their opinions are.
  • Go with your gut. No one knows your child like you do.
  • Don’t second guess yourself, mama. You are doing a great job.
  • Practice self-care. (Insert eye roll here) I know, I know. Self-care can definitely cause some serious mom guilt. You already felt bad enough for vacuuming instead of playing in the floor with your toddler. So, I know how bad you will feel for leaving the house for a pedicure, but it is important. Happy moms equal happy children. Your kids want to see you happy and they want to see you do stuff for yourself.
  • Feed off of your child’s energy. They are healthy because of you. They are fed and clothed because of you. They are safe because of you. You give them a reason to smile and laugh. You are a hero in your child’s eyes. Use that to know that you are doing something right.
  • Remember that children inherently loved their mommas. It is engrained in them. Recite that to yourself on the days when you are feeling mediocre.
  • Rest.
  • Find an outlet to channel your negative feelings about yourself. Some people blog (lol). Some people draw. Some people exercise. Get out of your own head and give yourself a break.

We have Mother’s Guilt because we care and because we strive for perfection as mothers. However, we are working towards an unattainable goal. No one mother is perfect, we never will be. Accepting that simple fact will lessen the pressure you have put on yourself.

So what do you do right now?  Let go of as much Mother’s guilt as you can and keep learning, growing, and making mistakes and still end up with some really loved, happy, and healthy children.

You got to trust yourself and the process. Most importantly, go to bed every night knowing that you are enough.


And remember,

“All’s well that ends well”. -William Shakespeare



Not another Disney blog.

Just kidding. It is another Disney blog.

I wish I could explain the aggravation I felt about blogging about Disney. Not because I dislike Disney, but because everyone blogs about Disney. I mean do you really even have a travel blog if you don’t blog about Disney? Disney speaks for itself, it is the happiest place on earth. Period.

Anyways, I’m done whining. So here goes nothing.

The first state my family decided to travel to was Florida and to no surprise at all, Disney was the top attraction.

So I gathered up all my matching Disney shirts, most of which were made by a local girl in my hometown, and ordered my son’s autograph book. I thought I was ready, but boy was I wrong.

To all my moms that like to go with the “flow” or be spontaneous, please hear me clearly: DISNEY WILL CHEW YOU UP AND SPIT YOU OUT. You can’t go to Disney without a game plan, which we will get to later in the blog. Families spend thousands (literally) to take their children to Disney, so personally I wanna squeeze out every bit of happiness that I can from the happiest place on earth.

Therefore. I did what I do best and I planned.

There are millions of blogs, Pinterest ideas, and even books about conquering Disney. I have read and researched a great deal of them and I have experienced Disney first hand so the following list are what I found the most important in planning your trip to Disney.

1. Become best friends with a Disney planner

Even the master of trip planning (me) needs a sidekick every now and again. I had a hard time letting go because of the control freak that I can at times be, but it was worth it in the end to let a professional Disney planner help me along the way. All I had to do was give the dates of when I wanted to go and how many people were going and my planner did the rest. Ahhh-mazing. I use TIGGERIFIC TRAVELS. Ask for Jolene! There are tons of Disney planners out there but I used Tiggerific Travels and I will continue to use them for future trips. Your Disney planner can reserve dining for you and schedule your fast passes also. Disney planners also know a lot of trade secrets so utilize them.

2. Call Disney home.

Stay onsite at one of the resorts/hotels. It is worth it in the long run because the extra amenities and incentives you get for staying inside Disney World. Disney resorts and hotels offer free shuttle buses to and from the parks. Trust me, you will be walking enough. Just saving the extra steps from the car to the front of the park will matter to you at the end of a long day. You also get fast passes if you stay onsite and Disney offers dining plans specials and discounts for families who stay onsite.

3. Be present in the moment.

Spend the extra $169 for the memory maker. I did not have to take my camera or phone out once while at Disney during our last trip because I bought the Memory Maker. There are photographers set up in numerous places around the park. They take your picture and scan your armband and when you get back to your hotel the pictures have already been uploaded online to your WDW account. It’s so convenient. Great quality pictures. Moms, we all know we get the short end of the stick when it comes to pictures. With the Memory Maker, moms can be included in the picture. Also, you don’t have to be concerned about memorializing every moment and live behind the screen of your phone constantly taking pictures, Disney will do it for you.


4. Do you research.

As I said earlier, I read a lot about Disney before I went. Maybe too much. I wanted to be an informed traveler so I could get the most out of the experience. But every family is different, therefore, the things we wanted to do and see might not be the same for your family. I recommend making a Pinterest board of all the activities, rides, show, and sites you don’t want to miss out on while at Disney and incorporate those in your daily game plan. I also read from front to back the Unofficial Guide to Disney World. They have an edition for 2018 that will have the newest and most up to date information. You can get a copy on Amazon. I went through my whole book and highlighted what I needed to remember for the trip. Go to Disney knowing that you will not be able to see and experience all Disney has to offer regardless of how flawlessly you plan.

PRO TIP: If you are taking a toddler with you to Disney that has not had their first hair cut yet, there is a Barber Shop on Main Street in Magic Kingdom that will give the child his/her first haircut for $20 and sprinkle on a little magic fairy dust at the end and send you home with a keepsake 🙂

5. There’s an app for that?!

Disney has apps that can make your trip easier. The two that I used during our trip was the WDW app itself and WDW Lines app. On the WDW app you can see details of your trip, reserve dining, and most importantly schedule fast passes. You get 3 fast passes to start out with BUT after you use your first 3 you can immediately pick another one so having the app there makes the process quicker. I was in line for one ride and planning my next Fast Pass while I was waiting. The WDW Lines app tells you in real time the wait times for each ride. The Lines app was accurate during our trip and helped me avoid the rides that had super long wait times. The worst and most rookie move you can make is walking half way across Magic Kingdom to a ride that has a two hour wait and pass by multiple rides that you could have walked straight onto. Our family did not wait longer than 30 mins for any ride or character meet and greet during our entire trip.

6. So many Mickeys

There are a ton of chances to meet Mickey Mouse inside the parks at Disney world. The best Mickey in all of the parks is in Magic Kingdom on Main Street as soon as you walk into the park inside the Town Square Theater. This Mickey’s eyes move and he can say certain phrases. Most characters that are in costume are not allowed to talk. So this Mickey is extra special.

7. Crowds

Use a crowd calendar when deciding what month to go to Disney. You can find multiple calendars online that will show you which months have the highest and lowest crowd levels. Rule of thumb is the crowds will be higher anytime children are out of school. Obviously, summer months, spring break, winter break, etc. Think outside the box when picking dates for Disney. I recommend going throughout a weekend and into the week so that you get some days when kids are in school and crowds will be less. If holidays or events are something special to your family then pick dates that fall on that holiday/event because no one throws a party quite like Disney World.

8. If it’s free it’s for me.

Disney does offer some freebies. There are actually quite a lot, but I am not going to list all of them. Trust me, there is a blog post that lists all of the Disney freebies that you can google and easily find. But here are the ones you will actually use; water. Disney offers free cups of water through the park. I took full advantage of that. I grabbed multiple cups of water and put them into a bottle that I brought into the park. Staying hydrated is key in the Florida heat. Disney offers buttons that celebrate whatever reason you are visiting; birthdays, anniversaries, first trip, etc. Be sure to tell your hotel what you are celebrating and they will get you a button that matches the occasion. My son also came back to the hotel with a free stuffed Mickey on his pillow after telling the hotel staff that it was his first trip. Disney does it’s absolute best to make sure your kids have a magical time. Disney will also give free desserts at many dining locations if you tell them it’s your birthday. And it’s always your birthday if it means free cake 🤣

9. Lets eat.

If you stay onsite and buy a dining plan there are many options to choose from. You will get to decide how many quick service and table service meals you want. Quick service will be your chicken tender and fries type restaurants. Table service is sit down meals that typically include characters and have higher quality food. Disney has historically offered free or cheaper dining plans in September. Which is why September was the most appealing month for my family to go. We are all about the food. The character dining meals are worth the money even if you go during a month you have to pay. Your child can see multiple characters, get pictures and autographs all at once without having to wait in line at the character meet and greets. I did notice that a lot of character dining options were buffets, but it’s still Disney so the food is better than your run of the mill Golden Corral. You also get a few snacks (2-3) per day. Don’t skip out on the Mickey Mouse shaped ice cream or the dole whip. They are both amazing. Once again, there are plenty of blogs that list the best foods to eat while at Disney. Utilize all the lists that you can when deciding when and where to eat. Printing out a list of the best snacks, drinks, dining experiences or food at Disney and seeing how many you can sample is a fun adult activity that a lot of people take advantage of. Google Drinking or Snacking around the World in Epcot for more information!


10. Take a break.

Disney is big, it’s the size of a small city. I had read before I went that it was so important to take a midday break. Well, I didn’t listen. I was stubborn and tried to make it the entire day in the Florida sun. Disney will win that fight every single time. I ended up throwing in the towel everyday around 4pm. So, my family missed out on the fireworks and parades every night. The breaks are important. If you don’t want to go all the way back to your hotel at least find a place to sit and rest for a couple of hours or enjoy a show that has AC.

11. Find a loophole.

The most successful Disney hack that I personally used was about breakfast. The parks will get crowded fast so if you can get a leg up on the competition it could save you hours of wait time. Reserve an early morning Table Service breakfast. This will ensure that you are already inside the park before it opens and you will be able to be first in like for the most popular ride in the park. Disney isn’t going to be a vacation where you get much sleep/rest, admitting that to yourself is the first step, so waking up the next 1-2 hours for an early breakfast will be worth it in the long run. I suggest Crystal Palace in Magic Kingdom for breakfast!

12. Age is just a number.

I have two opinions on this. I have a lot of my mom friends tell me that their kid is just “too young” for Disney. You cannot be more wrong. The majority of all the rides at Disney do not have a height requirement. For example, out of the 30 or more rides at just Magic Kingdom alone, there are only 7 that have a height requirement which ranges from 32-44 inches. On the flip side of that coin, I do feel like children can “age out” of Disney world. I feel like Disney is geared towards children ages 10 and under. Most of the rides are not thrill rides and some can be rather repetitive. Riding through scenes of movies on a slow motion ride can get boring after a while. I recommend once your children reaches 10 and up you start reading up on Universal Studios and what they have to offer.

13. What do I wear?

Dressing for the week was never as simple for me as it was the week we were at Disney. Everyone had a matching shirt for that day that fit the theme of the park. Throw on some shorts and comfortable shoes and you are ready to go. Don’t forget your Mickey ears once you get inside the park though! To save money, find a local person that makes Disney shirts instead of going online or on Etsy. Online you will be $10-15 per shirt. You don’t want to be broke before you even walk inside the park.


14. Take a piece of Disney home with you.

There will be souvenirs as far as the eye can see. Take something home with you to remember the trip. We went the cheap route and took a bag of pennies and quarters and made multiple pressed pennies throughout all of the parks. And, of course, we got our t-shirts, but that’s just standard.

15. Have a game plan.

Lastly, but most importantly. Plan your day. I used TouringPlans.com and my Unofficial Guide to Disney for my itinerary. The book offers some schedules to follow in the very last pages. Touringplans.com offers step by step plans for the day, even adding in times for a midday break and snacks along the way. You can even customize your trip to the ages of your children and other members of your party. I printed hard copies and took them with me inside the park. Don’t over complicate something as simple as following a list and if you trip is anything like mine, it should go on without a hitch.


Random closing thoughts:

Strollers will be a life saver and an aggravation for you during your trip to Disney if you have smaller children. Think of it as a necessary evil. Most rides require you to leave your strollers at a designated location but then the park attendants move your stroller while you are on the ride. Tie a ribbon or something colorful around your stroller so you can spot it quicker.

Don’t even try to take a selfie stick into Disney World. They will take it and give you the side eye. And no one likes the side eye.

Bring a bathing suit or swimming trunks for the kids because there are many places inside the parks for kids to play in the water and it gives them a chance to cool off.

It is worth noting that Disney allows you to bring food and drink inside the park. I don’t see why anyone would want to when you are surrounded by hundreds of new and exciting food options and snacks, but to each their own.

Buy an oversized Sharpie for the characters to sign autographs. Most have gloves on that are big and can be hard for them to grip the smaller pens.


I could write another 10 pages on tips and tricks for Disney. But honestly, its already out there. Google will guide your way. If you have any questions or anything I need to clarify and elaborate on feel free to comment and let me know! Us moms have to stick together!


For future posts, Florida is the only state that we only visited one attraction. Due only to the magnitude of Disney there was just not enough time to do much else. I wanted to devote this post to helping you plan a successful trip to Disney. My next state I blog about will be more broad.

Happy Travels.


The (World) Traveling Mom

I wanted to just be the traveling mom. But that was taken. So I will stick with The World Traveling. Which is reality may be a little misconstrued.  But, moving on.

So, I am Jessie, a career mom by choice (yikes!). I have two of the sweetest little boys ever. Moms are supposed to say that. My boys are as sticky, dirty, and loud as everyone else’s.  I was born and raised in NC. Educated proudly by the public school system and went on to graduate from a university. You won’t ever see a movie written about my life, (with Beyoncé obviously playing the role of myself), even if I personally think it would be effort the $1.09 Redbox rental fee. I am an ordinary mom doing life as well as I can.

I have very few things in life that bring me personal joy. My life revolves around work at work and work at my second shift job: motherhood. I spend countless hours, days, and months taking care of the needs of two other small humans that my needs and wants at times can fall by the wayside. But, let me tell you, mother’s guilt is something truly awful. Mother’s guilt deserves a blog all of its own. Which I will write, eventually. And then feel bad for writing it, because I should have been playing with the kids or cleaning the house. Anyways.

I found an outlet.

I found a way to make myself happy and also be able to incorporate the kids.

T R A V E L.

That’s it. One simple concept. I go places. I eat new foods. I see new things. I experience life in the here and now. With the kids.

And you know the outcome? A happy mom and world (USA, mostly) traveled, well rounded, and intelligent children.

My kids will know there is so much more the world can offer them than just the dirt roads of their hometown. They will not be scared to visit other places or cultures because they have had a taste of it already. They will be able to leave the nest with at least some limited knowledge of what is in store for them.

As for me, that’s my job. My job is to prepare them for their future. And what a fun way to do it; travel. Learn about the history of each state and have fun along the way.

I have plenty of people ask me questions about the places I go and the activities I plan. Therefore, I thought this would be a good platform to start out with to show my process.

because there is always a process.

Here is it. Two states every year. More if possible. Each state has its own top attraction which I have calculated by reading numerous websites and comparing them. I have a spreadsheet and a list of the top attractions for each state. I recommend getting a keepsake from each state. I chose t-shirts.

I also have the top place to eat in each state and the top food choice of each state. But that will be a whole other article.

Step one is to not get overwhelmed. If you let the money, time from work, where to go and when, how to get there, etc. fill your mind. You. Will. Never. Travel.

Step two is to realize that a lot of the traveling I do can be done on a single mom budget. I know, because I am and I do. 🙂

Planning ahead is key. Planning for some sounds like a chore, but for me, its the most relaxing part of my day. To be able to completely immerse myself in a schedule for the next state we are planning to travel to is a stress relief and self care technique for me.

I am going to try to use this blog as I way to showcase how I save money planning for trips, the sites I use, the places I go, and things to do in each state. I will also try to incorporate some money saving tips I have learned along the way.

I hope this helps another mom find an outlet. Find something to look forward to when daily life can feel like a routine of diaper changes and sippy cup spills.

I vow to never proofread or re read my blogs because then I will become insecure and second guess posting these because putting my words out there is new to me. Sorry (not really) for any typos.