Just say no to BORING date nights!

How many times can you and your significant other go to dinner and a movie?

After the honeymoon phase is over and Netflix and pajama pants are the new norm is it so easy to get caught up in the routine of daily living. When you think date night or a kid free night, you go with the old tried and true: dinner and a movie.

I challenge you to think outside the box.

Yes, it will take more effort, more energy, and most likely more time. But the end result will be worth it.

Use date nights as a way to reconnect with your SO. In a life where kids, work, and responsibilities can overshadow time together, it is vital to not put your needs as a couple on the back burner.

Use your resources.

Check out Groupon or LivingSocial and all the new activities they have discounted on their websites. Brush up on what is already offered in your hometown that you have always overlooked before. Fun date nights do not have to break the bank or be extravagant. You can keep it simple without keeping it routine.

Try something fun that neither of y’all have done before.

Just to get you thinking in the right direction. Here are a few ideas:

  • Go to a painting class together.
  • Tour a vineyard.
  • Picnic after a hike.
  • Go to a shooting range.
  • Try a new sport together; golf, tennis, etc.
  • Take a dancing class.
  • Make pottery together.
  • Find a festival.
  • Go on a ghost tour.
  • Take a dinner cruise.
  • Enjoy a couples massage.
  • Get physical: trampoline park, rock wall climbing, or a rope course.
  • Go paddle boating.
  • Take a cooking class.


Push yourself to step outside of your comfort zone. Experience your partner in a new light, and fresh environment.

As important as quiet and intimate nights at home are; living in the moment and being spontaneous has multiple benefits also. Even after years together, you may learn something new about your partner that you didn’t know before! Fun date nights/day dates can add a little much needed and deserved “spark” back into the relationships.

The quote, “Never stop dating your husband/wife”, comes to mind when writing this blog. Relationships that are BOTH successful and long lasting require work. Don’t always take the easy way out when planning time together. Give yourself the permission to put y’alls needs before anything else AT LEAST once a month.



**I am constantly looking for new things to go and do with my SO. So feel free to comment any ideas you may have!**


Happy Travels!



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