The (World) Traveling Mom

I wanted to just be the traveling mom. But that was taken. So I will stick with The World Traveling. Which is reality may be a little misconstrued.  But, moving on.

So, I am Jessie, a career mom by choice (yikes!). I have two of the sweetest little boys ever. Moms are supposed to say that. My boys are as sticky, dirty, and loud as everyone else’s.  I was born and raised in NC. Educated proudly by the public school system and went on to graduate from a university. You won’t ever see a movie written about my life, (with Beyoncé obviously playing the role of myself), even if I personally think it would be effort the $1.09 Redbox rental fee. I am an ordinary mom doing life as well as I can.

I have very few things in life that bring me personal joy. My life revolves around work at work and work at my second shift job: motherhood. I spend countless hours, days, and months taking care of the needs of two other small humans that my needs and wants at times can fall by the wayside. But, let me tell you, mother’s guilt is something truly awful. Mother’s guilt deserves a blog all of its own. Which I will write, eventually. And then feel bad for writing it, because I should have been playing with the kids or cleaning the house. Anyways.

I found an outlet.

I found a way to make myself happy and also be able to incorporate the kids.

T R A V E L.

That’s it. One simple concept. I go places. I eat new foods. I see new things. I experience life in the here and now. With the kids.

And you know the outcome? A happy mom and world (USA, mostly) traveled, well rounded, and intelligent children.

My kids will know there is so much more the world can offer them than just the dirt roads of their hometown. They will not be scared to visit other places or cultures because they have had a taste of it already. They will be able to leave the nest with at least some limited knowledge of what is in store for them.

As for me, that’s my job. My job is to prepare them for their future. And what a fun way to do it; travel. Learn about the history of each state and have fun along the way.

I have plenty of people ask me questions about the places I go and the activities I plan. Therefore, I thought this would be a good platform to start out with to show my process.

because there is always a process.

Here is it. Two states every year. More if possible. Each state has its own top attraction which I have calculated by reading numerous websites and comparing them. I have a spreadsheet and a list of the top attractions for each state. I recommend getting a keepsake from each state. I chose t-shirts.

I also have the top place to eat in each state and the top food choice of each state. But that will be a whole other article.

Step one is to not get overwhelmed. If you let the money, time from work, where to go and when, how to get there, etc. fill your mind. You. Will. Never. Travel.

Step two is to realize that a lot of the traveling I do can be done on a single mom budget. I know, because I am and I do. 🙂

Planning ahead is key. Planning for some sounds like a chore, but for me, its the most relaxing part of my day. To be able to completely immerse myself in a schedule for the next state we are planning to travel to is a stress relief and self care technique for me.

I am going to try to use this blog as I way to showcase how I save money planning for trips, the sites I use, the places I go, and things to do in each state. I will also try to incorporate some money saving tips I have learned along the way.

I hope this helps another mom find an outlet. Find something to look forward to when daily life can feel like a routine of diaper changes and sippy cup spills.

I vow to never proofread or re read my blogs because then I will become insecure and second guess posting these because putting my words out there is new to me. Sorry (not really) for any typos.






2 thoughts on “The (World) Traveling Mom

  1. This is going to be an awesome blog to follow. As a mother of grown children, I can relate to things you’ve mentioned that you will experience one day as your boys grow. I wish, as my kids were growing, I would have thought more about travel. Mothers guilt will Never leave you…so, prepare yourself. But, when you fell you can’t go on for one more step, look in the mirror and tell yourself “these boys are my Gift from God and I am enough for them even when I feel as though I am failing”. Then take time to just go sit with em, look at them, listen to their tiny voices and gigantic e imaginations! And remind yourself that you were chosen to be their Mommy! And their Mommy will always be enough!

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